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Random Acts of Kindness-My Thoughts

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

I’ve been seeing a lot about the fact that Random Acts of Kindness day is 2/17, (I am even in a blog hop with that name)—what I want to know—why isn’t every day Random Acts of Kindness Day!! Why do we need a day to remind us of this—it boogles my already boggled mind. Now there are a bunch of ladies who actually have a blog about this where they give away to charity and things—and of course around religious holidays it seems everyone is collecting for someone who needs extra help—now this is all good and I applaud them and usually join in with some of them—

Now, in my opinion, Random Acts of Kindness does not necessarily equate with giving money. Of course there are times that that is exactly what they need and if you can then give. Even giving someone who appears very sad—just giving them a smile—or maybe helping an older person carry groceries—or just knocking on a door to make sure everyone is okay if you haven’t seen them in a while and you know for sure that they didn’t go somewhere—or sitting and talking to that older person sitting on the bench--and how about in that major snowstorm making sure all the elderly have their meds—you go out and get them if they are out!!

The point I am trying to make here in my convoluted way—is that you don’t have to give money—GIVE OF YOURSELF—Just your bright and sunny smile could make someone’s day, and their return smile (and yes, they will smile back) will make you feel better about yourself as well!!

Now let’s all make Random Acts of Kindness a daily event—every day—365 days a year!!

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Karen Greenberg said...

Good idea! Could you imagine how awesome this world would be if we all agreed to do ONE nice thing for someone else each day?

Unknown said...

I totaly agree! I wish more people would understand that what comes around goes around. If more people were all about others than all about themselves this world would definitely be a better place. Great job on this post Michele! One kind act per day could really benefit - and what is sad is most people just have no idea how good it feels to be able to help someone else.

Celebrate Woman said...

It's a great topic to profile and remind each other that kindness could be a gesture of caring, a kind word. When people can help others financially with no strings attached, it's even a better thing to recognize.

Tamara Wilson said...

I completely agree, Random acts of kindness does not need to be on one day, nor does it have to be money. For me its sharing what you have even if its being there to listen to someone when they are down and helping cheer them up. Offering a small token to someone who needs to be uplifted.

To me the kindness that comes with a encouraging smile can change the day then I am a much happier person.

I think many people think that it has to be a Huge thing that can change the world, when its not its the small things that mean the most to most people.

Mama Luvs Books said...

You're right. Doing things shows more than even giving a donation. That's why I like my kids to help others now and learn to take care of their community.

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