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I hope it STOPS raining!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh my goshes--I have to drive way down into NYC today and it is raining hard out there right now--the road I have to take always floods!!! And I don't think I have another day I can switch for them---where is my little calendar? Hum--just a minute--found it!! In my pocketbook where it semi belongs--ok--I could switch for next Wednesday---well it is much too early to call now!!

And I REALLY have to start working on my own books---they say that the shoemaker's son has no shoes--well this bookkeeper hasn't been keeping her own books just everyone else's--I know what my New Year's resolution is going to be---

And I really should call my Mom and see how she is doing with getting her car fixed-------and offer to drive her around today if she already doesn't have something she has already planned for today--my 89 year old mother just doesn't stop--talk Energizer Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

We have been getting loads of too,but today ours is suppose to turn to snow. Hope the weather or calendar one works for you,so you don't have to get out in the mess. As for your Mom, WOW! She is doing good at her age & hope she does for many more years to come. Hope you have a great day whatever you decide on doing!

Unknown said...

It rained for 2 days straight here - was terrible. I hate the rain - especially when it is cold out.

Unknown said...

Luckily, from the rainy Seattle to the sunny Arizona, weather here is perfect this season:) Take care.

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