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I Find it VERY Strange-------

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am sitting here shaking my head---it just seems inconceivable to me that anytime a company does something really kind--or allows it to be done in their store in this case--Big Business gets upset!! I woke up early today and was reading an email from my boss who is currently in Europe on a selling tour. It seems that one of our vendors will no longer allow us extended credit on K-Mart/Sears because of their financials. Well--I went onto the internet and looked up current news about Sears/K-Mart--the ONLY thing I saw was that in some of the stores a person was coming in and paying off the Christmas gift layaways for people (not all of them--but quite a few)--and it was stated that Walmart and one other store wouldn't let her do it!! They kicked her out of their stores!! Now this reminds me of another incident not so long ago--BJ's decided to give their unsold food to the food pantry instead of throwing it out--the next thing I heard was that BJ's had been downgraded and our accounts receivable insurance would no longer cover them--BJ's is kind of small and they may very well be in financial straits-but why did the powers that be in Wall Street wait till they did something nice to downgrade them--and admittedly in the case of K-Mart/Sears the foreign vendor may not have realized until seeing something like this just how bad it is here for so many people--they may be worried that no one will be able to buy--I wonder just what our government is telling these countries----and I for one APPLAUD BJ's for giving food that would otherwise be thrown away and I APPLAUD K-Mart for allowing a good samaritan to help their shoppers!! What do you think?

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Mary said...

I'm in Walmart country (Arkansas) They run everything here out of town. I can't figure out some of their policies.

Unknown said...

I personally think this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Why would they not let someone pay off someone else's layway they are still making money on it!

Glenda said...

Exactly that is crazy did they not think that since someone else did the people who had the Lay A Way in now had extra money to spend? I also applaud BJs for what they did.

Sylvia said...

Last year I lived in an area where someone went to WalMart and bought over $1000 in $10 Walmart gift cards and was handing them out to people in the parking lot. They went and kicked him out. Yet, they allow kids to solicit people coming in an out of the stores with their fundraisers. To me, that's messed up.

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