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Now this sounds like where I work!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank you again to Absolute Newsletter for this---of course the only reason I am putting this up with impunity is because MY BOSS DOES NOT READ MY BLOG (I Hope!)

An employee comes into her manager’s office to take a day off from work.
The manager replies, So you want a day off. Let's take a look at what you are asking for.
There are 365 days per year available for work.
There are 52 weeks per year in which you already have 2 days off per week, leaving 261 days available for work.
Since you spend 16 hours each day away from work, you have used up 170 days, leaving only 91 days available.
You spend 30 minutes each day on coffee break, which counts for 23 days each year, leaving only 68 days available.
With a 1-hour lunch each day, you used up another 46 days, leaving only 22 days available for work.
You normally spend 2 days per year on sick leave. This leaves you only 20 days per year available for work.
We are off 5 holidays per year, so your available working time is down to 15 days.
We generously give 14 days vacation per year which leaves only 1 day available for work and I'll be darned if you are going to take that day off!

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smashbravo said...

Omigish, sounds like when I worked for my sister. Could not get a day off to save my life!

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