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Good Morning?

Monday, August 29, 2011

I went to sleep last night and made sure to turn off my computer--I woke up this morning to find that I have the same darn virus in my computer that I had the last time--------so I am in safe mode once again until I can get the people at McAfee to fix it!! Whatever this is seems to be able to get into McAfee and shut down the virus protection--Does not say much for McAfee does it---guess I will be looking for a different internet security/virus protection company once I get McAfee to fix this once again!! Anyone know a REALLY good one? At least this time I know how to access the internet-----

I did notice yesterday that a pop up kept appearing that I had won something but I just kept ignoring it and using the X to get rid of it---wonder if that is what did it this time---or maybe it was one of those spam tweet messages where people say they have seen a picture or heard about you---all I know is I am getting very tired of this.

Well hopefully this time I can get McAfee to fix this today and not have to make twenty different phone calls to find out who to speak to-----

I was told the last time that as long as I am in safe mode this virus can not spread!!

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Unknown said...

You need Norton it is the best in my book. I have never had anything get past it!

Anonymous said...

I use Norton and I actually had something similar happen last week. It actually shut my computer down and when I re-booted I had a notification that my virus protection was off. However, I was able to get it turned back on and have had no ill effects. Norton has been the best of the many I have tried.

Ashley S said...

I use Malware Bytes to get viruses off my computer

Debbie said...

When those boxes pop up, it's actually better to shut down your browser with ctrl alt delete then to click the x. I use Avira Antivir Personal (its free) and think its great. I also use Malware Bytes to scan regularly.

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