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Good Morning

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This morning Gremlin decided that I was supposed to get up at 5 AM. First he meowed from a distance--then when I opened my eyes and told him to come on up-he jumped on the "mornng side" of the bed. Now, this guy has it all figured out--at night he jumps on the bed and goes to the side so I have to turn on by side so my back is to the way I would get out of bed-towards the window. In the morning he jumps to the side that my feet get off the bed. I mean I am supposed to pet him both morning and night--but he really has this down pat. There is a plastic storage box right next to my bed which he sometimes uses to get up and off the bed--he also uses it as a petting stepping stone--I will be petting him and then suddenly I am petting him while he is on that box--all the while he is watching where my feet are under the covers--once I've managed to untangle them--off he jumps from the box and smiles--he got me awake and moving!!!

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Mnemosyne said...

I look forward to having a cat; the place we're in now doesn't allow them. Soon, though! :)

MikiHope said...

They won't even allow a little cat!! shame on them!!

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