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Radar--and my cat Gremlin

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am positive the Gremlin has radar inside his body for me!!! He can be sound asleep and hiding where I can't see him (or find him for that matter)but the minute, no the second, I quietly get up from my computer-before I take a single step--he is there glaring at my feet to make absolutely certain that I am NOT wearing shoes!! If I happened to have gotten dressed without him noticing-----MEOW MEOW (quess he knows I'm writing about him--he just walked in!!)--shoes on feet? Non stop M E O W---Gremlin gets real busy--he needs this--did I remember to re fill his already full dry food bowl--fresh water please---look out the window with me--M E O W--he is a talker!!! In general he trys to distract me from leaving--I have forgotten stuff that I meant to take with me!! Then as I walk out the door he just sits there GLARING at me---and heaven forbid I get home late!! But that is for another day-- I really do love him and YES I have spoiled him to the nth!!

If he looks a bit skinny in this pic it is because I had just gotten him out of the vet--he had gotten some of that bad food back when--but managed to pull through it!!!!! He will never be heavy (actually he never was--even when he found me) but he has certainly put on weight since this pic--

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Unknown said...

LOL that is so funny. My husband is a cat addict lol. We have 5 because he gets attached. One of our cats named boots will walk with him around the block!! It is so funny how they have their own personalities.

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