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OMG Chocolate Covered Strawberries & More!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

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After 6 years of research and product development CCBerries first opened on February 4th, 2004. Over the years we've moved from being a local Marietta merchant to a nationwide provider of custom chocolate covered strawberries. In 2008 CCBerries became the trade name of CCB Radiance LLC.

As the business changed we did a lot of research and found out a lot about the industry. 

We choose to produce the highest quality product, using only the finest, freshest, ingredients rather than take the low road that our competitors have taken.

We are a small privately owned company but our competitors owned satellite TV companies, cable shopping channels and even a major sports team, and  the most obvious thing was that most of our competitors were not using chocolate.

We only dip in gourmet chocolate.
Some of our competitors cut corners by not using gel packs throughout the year or ship using a less expensive 2 day delivery service. We want the product to arrive in the best possible condition, so we always use gel packs and only ship so that it should arrive the day after it is made. Everyone knows fresher is better.

Always using gel packs results in a better protected shipment and a heavier shipment. Since the cost of overnight shipping is really based on distance and weight our shipping may be more expensive than some competitors that cut corners on packaging, gel packs and product quality. It costs a little more to do things right.

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