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What's New at Miki's Hope

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I have been kinda scarce the last month or so--that heat stroke episode really did me in. Slowly, slowly getting back to normal. As for Baby she is learning new ways to keep me off the 'puter!!

Because my emails seem to get to people a bit late for some of the flash giveaways-here is what is coming up

Monday 8/20 6 hr flash for Target GC (starts at 6PM? ends at midnight)

Tuesday 8/21 Great Swag Swap - I will be giving away quite a bit here!

Wednesday 8/22 6 hr flash PayPal - (starts at 6PM? ends at midnight)

Friday 8/24 6 hr flash Walmart GC (starts at 6 pm? ends at midnight)

If you look at the right side of my blog (scroll down) you will see some other giveaways I will be taking part in and when they start.

I have a couple of books I have previously read but am having a hard time deciding which to put up!!!

(OH NO--shez onto me--muz thinkz up new stratagizes!!)

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Danielle Royalegacy said...

I am writing these down on a post-it note so that I remember to enter.


Smash Bravo said...

Wow you have some great stuff coming up. I am sorry to hear you were not well, I obviously need to read more posts. It has been a busy week. I hope you are feeling much better, is that kitty taking good care of you??

MikiHope said...

I didn't write too much about it except in private facebook group--My fan broke in my car while I was stuck in a 2 hour standstill approaching the GW Bridge in 100 degree weather--which meant no a/c--I did make it home-and into a cool bath (barely)-actually Baby saved my life--I almost fell asleep in there-but she put her two paws on the side of the bath and meowed for all she was worth so I got out!!!

Mary Bearden said...

Sorry to hear that! I am bad also lately about getting around.

My husband had heat exhaustion at Disney one year and he had to stay in the room for 2 days to recover. Since then he can't take the heat like he used to. I kept telling him that day to drink water but he kept drinking coke which dehydrates you even more. Now he listens to me!

Get better soon.

I tried to click on a few of the buttons to sign up for them but they did not take me anywhere. It was the book one and Halloween one. Are those One Busy Moma's? Let me know and I will check them out.

Take care.

Mary Bearden

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