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Baby (my cat) is NOT a Happy Camper

Friday, April 15, 2016

I am still kind of unable to do any housework since my 2 separate asthma (and/or COPD) attacks which landed me in the hospital. Thankfully, with the help of a neighbor, I found someone who can come and clean once a week or every other week. This apartment has never looked this good in a long time. Between the two of us this has been a decluttering event as well. Which is why Baby is not at all pleased. All her hard work at throwing papers to the floor and scattering them about--all in vain. The floors are clear. And horrors of horrors--things are being put in places that they don't belong. If you know anything about cats you know they don't like change!! Take last night for instance--imagine being woken to something falling on a thankfully carpeted floor--after a rather annoying scratching sound---THAT was a small lampshade and a bottle of perfume that was put in a spot that she like to sit!! And I did wonder how long it would take her to check out what was in those two big black garbage bags on my bedroom floor (it is actually laundry that still has to be done). Well-she didn't wait that long--one of the bags is now open with a sweater peaking out! It is going to take this woman and I a while to go through everything and decide what I need or want (it helps that she is helping me decide or nothing would be thrown out!). Poor Baby--even the kitchen counter is upsetting her. She will have to get used to this--I don't want to end up in the hospital again--and beleive me when I tell you this--neither does she!!

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Denise C said...

Cats can be so funny. They certainly do know what they want!

LAWonder said...

I can totally feel for you.
I have been there and done that many times.
I presently discovered I have both Step Throat and the flu...
I am miserable. As asthma sufferers know, even a sore thought
dives into the lungs and causes asthma congestion and
Stay strong!
Lu Worley

Audrey Stewart said...

I have 13 rescue cats. Most are elderly. I understand exactly where you are coming from. Sorry to hear you're not well, so please get better. (

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