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Where is Miki? (12/2 and 12/3)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Have no fear I am still here--but I thought I was going to have another 3 giveaways for today ad they have not shown yet-story of my life lately!! So I decided to keep up with all the threads I'm in (even though I have not put anything in them myself) just in case!! If you happen to read this I did put a couple of posts into my facebook--My What's up with Miki which includes everything (including my left hand sidebar where the sales just keep coming) is pinned to the top to make it easy for all of you to find all those 19 giveaways that are currently live on my blog. I also put up a post with the link to Sunday Stroll--over 300 entries again this week-there really is something for everyone so if you like entering giveaways I'm sure you'll find one or two in there also!

Meanwhile I have to drive my Mom to Doctor appointments both today and tomorrow--maybe I'll catch up on some of my reading while I sit in those waiting rooms waiting for her. Then I am sure she will have a list of other places she will want to go which means I will not be here for the bulk of the 2 days. And then of course we will have to go out to lunch---Wait a minute--I think she might be playing Bridge and/or Mah-Jong one or both of these days--maybe I will get home early(ish). Oops-I have to stop by probably Radio Shack--my computer mouse needs replacing-but I think I will take it with me in case THEY can figure out how to open the darn thing to change the battery!

As for Baby----

Yup--her Tazmanian Devil has been around lately. She seems to think that the easiest way to get me to wake up is to turn that darn desk lamp on and if that doesn't work--she turns it off then on then off then on-just in case I didn't get the message--all the while staring directly at me. And for good measure a few well placed jumps on my stomach. Once she gets me up she gets all soft and cuddly-especially after I have stumbled into the kitchen to get her breakfast--


UH OH--one of those giveaways just came through---so I guess you will see more from me today at least!! Oops-they all start Thursday 12/3 at around 1 AM--keep your eye out--some really great prizes here!!

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Godly Homemaker (Andrea) said...

sometimes it's just a regular, typical day like that - and some days it's just busy - take it one minute at a time....

Eat To Live said...

YOU are a sweetheart. And a very busy one at that. I don't know how you keep up.

Fee Roberts said...

I know how you feel. I've got a couple busy days tomorrow and Friday with my Mom also. Just remember to make sure you take some 'me' time. I have a persistent cat also. After I wake up, she's all cuddly too. Thank you for all you do. Just know that it is all appreciated.

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