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What is Going On Lately?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Before I say another word I am going to state that I will not be responding to comments on this. These are my opinions and whether you agree or not--we will just have to agree to agree or to disagree!! I will not even be putting it up in comment groups.

I have been watching the news--there is so much bad going on right now it has me semi depressed. I realize that there is nothing much I can do about it which is why I am not totally depressed. Why is there so much violence in the world right now.

Not only do we have the usual terrorists but now we have home grown ones all over the world. Just today I was reading about the attack on the French newspaper--yes, it was a controversial newspaper-but aren't we all allowed our own opinions? If you don't agree with what is written--don't read it--don't buy it--peacefully protest in front of their building--but do not go on a killing spree!!

Then there are the police killing citizens and citizens killing the police--come on people--enough is enough. Violence has never solved any problems-it just creates more problems by feeding on itself. I think all these people need a time out-just like we do with children!

Then we have all the airplanes crashing--why is that happening? And so many natural disasters which truthfully we can do nothing about, but saddens me anyway. Don't get me started on the politicians--why would they try to take benefits away from the truly disabled? (No, I am not on disability but I do know some who are). I agree with Shakespeare when he said "First kill off all the lawyers". Most politicians are lawyers!!

As if all the above is not bad enough it seems our banking system did not learn from their prior mistakes. The stock market is not doing well again (oil this time!)--

Okay-enough--let me go and cuddle with my cat and make myself feel a bit better!

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Eat To Live said...

Hahhahah.... well at least you have that cute kitty to go cuddle with.

There is a lot of bad going down in our world... crazy!!

mail4rosey said...

I don't understand how killing someone will make your point. In fact, I think it does the opposite. I'm with you on the bad news, I wish it'd take a turn for the better. And fast.

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