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Friendly's Restaurant CLOSED--with NO Warning.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

(this is not the Friendly's I am talking abut-but looks similar to it)

Imagine my shock when I stopped by Friendly's Restaurant yesterday (9/12) which has been on Central Avenue in I think it is Hartsdale, NY or maybe it is White Plains for a quick lunch with my Mom before we hit the grocery stores and it was CLOSED-doors locked-very little inside and no signs on the door! Another person was also headed there and was supposed to meet someone-she would just have to wait on the bench that was still outside the restaurant. A couple of other people also came and tried the door. Someone shouted to us from a car that they had been closed since Monday! There had been nothing in the local newspapers-no warning what so ever.

Now I know Friendly's had been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in 2011 but I thought they had come out of it. Back then they had closed a lot of restaurants up and down the East Coast. I THINK they were franchises, so maybe the franchisee's could no longer keep up with the economy etc. But you would think that there would have been an announcement!

There is one more Friendly's Restaurant on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers. I wonder if that one is open? Guess I'll just have to take a ride over there after I eat LOBSTER at Red Lobster today. My Mom is taking me out for my birthday. Red Lobster is also in trouble--I hope that is open when we get there today!

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Unknown said...

The one up here in Yorktown is closed as well. Just found out that all the Friendly's in Westchester and Rockland closed. Lucky for me we're not too far from the on in Carmel, which is Putnam.

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