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Sunday Stroll Giveaway Linky-4/13-4/20

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mommie..Again has agreed to co-host Sunday Strolls with me!! AND so has Christy's Cozy Corners. So now you can enter on here or on Mommie..Again or on Christy's Cozy Corners and the links will appear on all three! Please feel free to link up all your wonderful giveaways here!! Link directly to the giveaway. Those linked to websites or main blog pages will be removed. Please use blog name, giveaway title and end date when posting. Post some, Enter Some, Win Some!

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Wibya disappeared so I had to switch the way you can share my individual posts. It is on the top left hand side-in order to share with G+ you have to click the + button then scroll until you find google +. Hopefully this works!! Following me is still the same (mostly on the right hand side and email at the top).

Baby the sweet little kitty cat you see reclining like a perfect angel has a couple of new tricks up her paw! She is bound and determined to keep me home and if I so much as head towards the front door-there she is barring it with her almost immovable self. Then she hops up on the small table next to the door and peeks her head out to see what is put there! Thankfully she won't leave the apartment or i would be running up and down the hallway trying to catch her! Although I know better (or at least I think I do) she manages to be behind the door when I return as if to say "I have been waiting here ALL THIS TIME". This comes out as a very loud INDIGNANT M E O W---------------

By the way I just read a "Cozy Novel" all about a kleptomaniac cat - it should be live on my blog (it went live this morning!
Book Review-Catnapped (A Klepto Cat Mystery)-Patricia Fry. It is really a cute and easy book to read!!

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