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Millet Sports – Everything You Need for the Sport You Love

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sports---we watch them and most of us attempt to play them to keep fit or just for the enjoyment. Millet Sports has just about everything a sports enthusiast could want—including an e-magazine on their site with all kinds of great information which you can get free-just sign up for it.

Tennis anyone? I used to-in my younger days-play tennis. Unfortunately my old bones can no longer take the stress-but for those of you who still play—they have tennis rackets, clothing etc. Racquetball, Badminton,(OH-I forgot about Badminton-used to love to play that!) Squash? Got the stuff for those too!! They even have the things you need for table tennis!! Millet Sports also has Football, Baseball, Hiking and so many other sports that I can't list them all here!

Millet Sports has footwear for all different sports as well—and I mean every sport—Racket Sports, Walking, Running, you name it!! Clothing—Yup

And if you are not sure what you need—they have a buying guide you can use to find out.

This is definitely an all inclusive site that any sports enthusiast would love—even the couch potato variety (like me)!!

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Ghada @ Mama goes BAM said...

I like the idea of a buying guide. Thanks for sharing :)

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