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Comments from Happy Lilla Rose Customers!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Flexis are really great and as I have said I use them all the time-I am always being told how much people love their Flexi's-Here are a couple of comments I have received from happy Lilla Rose Customers!

So I have to say, I am extremely impressed! I have never tried Lilla Rose before and my only real hair accessory is a Scunci. First, I placed my order on Monday (a holiday obviously) and already got it today (Thursday)!!! Very impressive.

I admit it, I LOVE the flexis! The videos on the site helped me order the right sizes so they work perfectly. I have my hair in the "tail up" style right now and I'm amazed that it hasn't fallen out at all (I have a lot of silky hair that falls out of everything!). Now I want more!!

I'm so glad that I got put with Michelle and Lilla Rose because I wouldn't have tried it otherwise. I love groups like this because I am never disappointed :-)

AGREED!!!! I received my order yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flexi's! I lost a ton of hair after having the twins so my hair is super thin and it is baby fine even when it's at its fullest, and I know that using hair ties just makes the hair loss worse, so I'm glad to have the Flexi's and know that they will be so much better for my hair as it grows back in (finally!!!). I love that I don't have to constantly readjust it too.

Thanks so much, Michele!! :)

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I love my Flexi's too. They hold my hair back all day and they are so cute.


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